Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day ... what is Mother's Day? It's just another day on the calendar. Nothing special, though. I've had my mother since the day I opened my eyes to this world, and I have loved her since then. We've had our days, of course, but my love for her has never and will never fade away. It's the kind of love you can't get rid off in one day, or in a lifetime. I might not agree with her on some stuff or things, but I don't love her any less for her choices or decisions or thoughts.

Being a mother is awesome. Yeah yeah, it drains you too. It's not just YOU anymore. It's THEM, first. Your kids are your priority in life. You will always be a mom once you have kids. The mother in you comes out naturally. The power of love is stronger. The sense of protection is huge. The love you feel in your heart is unmeasurable.

I have been blessed by being surrounded by wonderful women in my life. I've learned so many things from them, and for that I'm thankful. I have met some others that didn't teach me that much though, but I absorbed what I could and applied it to my life and made the changes I needed to make to move on and become a better person. I am a mother, a woman, a strong lady, looking forward to life and hanging in there. I have the strenght to brighten my future and my kids'.

Gotta say this:

-I love you Mamaena. You are a rock. You hang in there until you want to. Don't suffer. Let go whenever you are ready to do so. I will always remember you as the best grandma I could ever ask for. My best memories are in your house, with you and my uncles and aunts. I admire you. Don't let the dogs eat you, grandma. You know what I mean. I adore you and will miss you forever when you're gone.

-I love you Mom. No matter what. Please be my mom. That's all I ask for. Love me.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ser Fuerte / Being Strong

Alguien muy especial me envio esto ... llego a mi en el momento apropiado. Como todo lo que recibo de esta persona ... lo preciso en el momento apropiado. Espero les guste.

Ser fuerte..

…es amar a alguien en silencio.

... es irradiar felicidad cuando se es infeliz.

... es mantenerse en calma en los momentos de desesperación.

... es demostrar alegría cuando no se siente.

... es sonreír cuando se desea llorar.

... es callar cuando lo ideal sería gritar a todos tu angustia.

... es consolar cuando se necesita de consuelo

This was sent to me by a very special person. Always caring for me, knowing what to do and what to say all the time.
Being strong

... is loving someone in silence.

... is irradiating happiness whey you are unhappy.

... is being calm in desperate situations.

... is showing you are happy although you don't feel it.

... is smiling when you really want to cry.

... is being quiet when you really want to tell everyone about your pain.

... is comforting someone when the one who needs comfort is you.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Staying Alive

Here I am ... I had planned to keep up with my blog but man life brought too many surprises to me that I couldn't do it ... too many things happened in a short period of time, then time passed, my brain felt numbed, and I wasn't able to focus. Now I'm in a better position and willing to blog! It's a good therapy, since I get to write what I want and feel ... oh well. Let's make a summary of my life.

1. I am a 33 year-old woman and the proud mother of two wonderful, handome boys: Stevie, 8, and Tyler, 2.

2. I learned that love is a battlefield (like the song) and that YOU own your own destiny.

3. I realized that for a period of time I forgot that I was a woman ... I was only a mother and don't take me wrong, I loved and love being a mom ... it's just the fact that the woman in me was slipping away and being buried.

4. I am 100% sure that whoever cheats once, will cheat again. I have my own statistics people, don't argue with me.

5. I believe that happiness is possible.

6. I believe you can fall in love more than once ... or twice ...

7. I believe that God works in mysterious ways ... and He is always willing to back you up.

8. I hate lawyers. Sorry if any of my friends is one, but dang it I hate lawyers.

9. Sometimes we look so much better with our mouths shut. No words are worth millions.

10. I believe I can get through everything.

11. I believe mi Uncle Renzo (RIP) is always watching over me and taking care of me and my boys. I feel his presence and I know that everything that is happening to me these days is because of him. I love him so much. He is my guardian angel.

12. I believe that love happens. If it happens to you, let it be. Enjoy. Life is too short.